Homestead Hill Hornets Finish First in League

The middle school girls’ soccer team, the Hornets, finished the season 2nd in the league with a winning record of 5 wins and 3 losses. This was a phenomenal season of success and growth for the team. This year’s team not only qualified for the tournament, they continued to compete and win, placing the team in the championship game for the season. 

The Hornets played Tuesday, November 23rd against Francis Scott Key and tied them in the competition for first place. The game went into overtime resulting in a shootout. While Hampstead Hill lost the shootout, they stand tall in the progress they have made as a team. They showed tremendous skill, sportsmanship and teamwork in their fight to finish first in the league. We look forward to many great seasons to come and thank all the parents, teachers and administrators who gave the team such great support.

Reprinted from the Hampstead Hill Academy December 2010 Parent Newsletter

The Hornets: Nayah Dozier-El, Alexis Carabello, Iteria Noble, Michael Lauren Sterling, Brianna Bollack, Sabrina Lankford, Kathy Le, Cyndonia Spearman, Kimberly Mejia, Camille Portera-Brown, Jamira Richardson, Tania Ramirez, Diamond Thomas, Lawren Burney, Kayla Crouch, Guadalupe Pineda, Victoria Robinson, Kristin Brooks, Marina Protopapas, Zoey Bunce and Ava Anderson

Putting Newton’s Laws into Play

On Friday, I had my students take a quiz in my science class and on the quiz I had them write a story (either real or imaginary) where they can give examples of each of Newton’s three laws of motion.  One student wrote the following:

“I am the star of the lacrosse team.  I can do it all.  I am the captain and I am better than everyone.  When somebody throws a ball at me, I can catch it.  Then I can throw it back to them.  I usually have all of the people running for me because I have the ball.  I see a skinny player and I knock him down easily.  Then I see a bigger player and have to get to a running start and knock him down.  Then I throw the ball into the goal.”

The fact that our kids are imagining themselves as superstar lacrosse players is a real testament to the impact the Foundation has had in their lives. 

Update from KIPP DC Lacrosse Coach and Teacher, Latoya Johnson

I think today went extremely well.  Both teams practiced outside today and all the kids really enjoyed themselves (and are really developing an appreciation for the game).  And the word is spreading!  So many kids have asked to sign up in the past day or two.  I’m having a great time and I’m so glad we are able to have two teams!

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